Zoggs Unisex Adult Panorama Swimming Goggles


The zoggs Panorama goggle has been designed so that it offers the wearer exceptional comfort, protection from UV and amazing underwater clarity through curved lenses.

Anti -Fog – Fogbuster for fog free swimming…

It’s not much fun swimming blind so Zoggs developed Fogbuster anti-fog which offers consistent moisture control for real clarity of vision. For extreme climate conditions Zoggs Fogbuster impregnated lenses will give extra control and give a stress free swim.

Top Features of the Zoggs Panorama Goggles

  • An ultra-comfortable goggle which provide amazing underwater clarity through UV protected curved lenses
  • CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology – 180° undistorted peripheral vision
  • Tinted lenses ideal for indoor swimming
  • Fogbuster™ impregnated anti-fog lenses – for longer fog free swimming
  • Quick adjust strap mechanism – the easiest way to get just the right fit
  • Split yoke silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability

CLT – Panoramic vision with Curved Lens Technology

So clever they had to get the computers to help on this one! CLT is lengths ahead of other lens technologies, offering the swimmer 180 degrees peripheral vision and crystal clear clarity.

About the Zoggs brand

Being Aussie (born in Sydney 1992) means we pretty much love everything to do with swimming and think the rest of the world should to. That’s why we make goggles, swimsuits, learning aids and training equipment for learners, beach goers, lane swimmers and open water adventurers. Swim stuff that all swimmers – no matter their level – can totally rely on, leaving them free to feel the joy of swimming.


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