Speedo Wetsuit Triathlon Thinswim Comp TC16

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Ideal for intermediate triathletes, the Comp Thinswim utilizes thinner neoprene for improved flexibility when racing. 

Constructed using the most buoyant foam available, it helps minimize form drag by lifting the body into an excellent hydrodynamic position. 

Ideal for triathlon and open – water races.

Constructed using 2mm neoprene, the thinswim provides more flexibility than standard thickness wet-suits.

Features and Benefits

  •  Men’s Thin Comp wetsuit – for performance and intermediate triathletes
  •  Yamamoto Y39 cell neoprene rubber – super – buoyant foam for optimum buoyancy and reduced drag
  •  Yamamoto SCS – Super Composite Skin coating helps reduce water friction, improve speed and prevent the suit sticking to your skin


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