G-Form Pro-X Shin Pad


Product Description

Prepare to feel dialed and pin the kicker with the ultimate form of protection. The G-Form Pro-X Shin Pads offer lightweight safety while boasting unrivaled comfort.

The Pro-X Shin pads offer a compression fit to deliver protection so comfortable you will forget it’s even there. A compression fit, the need for no strap or fastening belt ensures that these really are the ultimate when it comes to keeping you safe.

Top Features of the G-Form Pro-X Shin Pad

  •     RPT™ impact protection moves with you
  •     Compression fit
  •     Machine washable

About Body Armour

Cycling Body armour is a wise investment for both downhill and trials riding where falls and impacts into immovable objects are always a possibility. Body armour is light, unrestrictive and inexpensive when compared to the alternatives of not wearing it.

Some riders even claim that Body armour can increase your confidence levels, which may make you ride faster. Wiggle stocks a large range of body armour which can cover the knees and shin, elbows, shoulders and chest. A lot of manufacturers, such as Dainese, Sixsixone and Thor produce all-in-one armoured jackets to cover the entire upper body for extreme descents.

The most common advice with body armour is to buy it ‘before’ you ‘need’ it, rather than ‘after’ you ‘needed’ it.

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